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 9 people you need on your medical team

Approach may shield patients' immune system

Multiple Sclerosis and Vision Problems

TOO HIGH TO CARE: Cannabinoids Decrease the Th17 Inflammatory Autoimmune Phenotype.

Determinants of cognitive impairment Study: These results corroborate the evidence about the presence and the nature of cognitive impairment in a large sample of MSers. Furthermore, these findings identify significant clinical and demographic determinants of cognitive impairment in a large sample of MSers for the first time.

Kelly Osbourne praises her 'unstoppable brother' for his battle with MS

Biogen Idec Product Pipeline Will Propel It Higher: with Tysabri sales up due to a program to screen for PML, the approval of Tecfidera, the likely approval of Plegridy (both also for MS) Biogen has been on a roll...

MS patients wanted for health study: The Murdock Health Study of Duke Medicine is seeking 100 individuals who have primary progressive multiple sclerosis (PP-MS).

Multiple Sclerosis and MRIs

Jim Champion, an Army veteran who has suffered from a progressive form of multiple sclerosis for 25 years, speaks about the importance of Illinois' medical marijuana law 

Treatment with dalfampridine (AMPYRA) resulted in clinically relevant improvements in walking speed and endurance in MS patients with limited ambulation and helped improve their motor function 

 Premature immune senescence in children with MS

T-cell homeostasis in pediatric multiple sclerosis: Old cells in young patients

Retinal periphlebitis is associated with multiple sclerosis severity

Comorbidities at multiple sclerosis diagnosis.

Objectively Quantified Physical Activity in Persons with Multiple Sclerosis-.
Study provide the first data using an objective physical activity measure and a large sample indicating that only a small proportion of persons with MS are achieving adequate amounts of daily exercise

Topography of brain sodium accumulation in progressive multiple sclerosis-

Sodium accumulation is present in progressive MS patients, more restricted to the motor system in PPMS and more widespread in SPMS. Local brain sodium accumulation appears as a promising marker to monitor patients with progressive MS.

Application of the 2010 revised criteria for the diagnosis of multiple sclerosis patients with clinically isolated syndromes.