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 Treatment trials in progressive MS-current challenges and future directions.

 Sex and Multiple Sclerosis

Update on therapeutic options for multiple sclerosis.

A 10-year follow-up of a population-based study of people with multiple sclerosis in Stockholm, Sweden: Changes in disability and the value of different factors in predicting disability and mortality.

Neuronal degeneration is observed in multiple regions outside the hippocampus after lithium pilocarpine-induced status epilepticus in the immature rat.

Medical Procedures May Be Useless, or Worse- New York Times

Cognitive reserve in multiple sclerosis

 Wild goalie Josh Harding learns to live with MS, launches charity

Perrigo To Buy Elan For $8.6B, Seeks Tax Savings-Tysabri, a joint venture with the Massachusetts-based drugmaker Biogen Idec, ... Elan sold much of its ownership share of Tysabri to Biogen Idec in February for ...

MicroRNA regulate immune pathways in T-cells in multiple sclerosis (MS).

Renal deterioration in multiple sclerosis patients with neurovesical dysfunction

1H-Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy in diffuse and focal cervical cord lesions in Multiple Sclerosis.

Anti-neurofascin antibody in patients with combined central and peripheral demyelination.

Association between multiple sclerosis risk-associated SNPs and relapse and disability - a prospective cohort study.

The clinico-radiological paradox in multiple sclerosis: novel implications of lesion size.

Combining HLA-DR risk alleles and anti-Epstein-Barr virus antibody profiles to stratify multiple sclerosis risk.

The Potential for New Therapeutic Approaches: Global Research ...
Wall Street Journal-The focus of the program is the interaction between laquinimod, a neuroprotective agent currently being investigated in multiple sclerosis, and various molecular ...

Tisch MS Researchers Announce Breakthrough in Disease Monitoring

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Multiple sclerosis awareness race scheduled Sept. 6

BASF in Wyandotte Raises $15K for Michigan Multiple Sclerosis

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MicroRNA regulate immune pathways in T-cells in multiple sclerosis ...

Los Angeles Medical Marijuana Provider CannaMed Now Providing ...

Mitochondrial dysfunction and neurodegeneration in multiple sclerosis.

Time to secondary progression in patients with multiple sclerosis who were treated with first generation immunomodulating drugs.
Our results showed there was a longer time to SP in the contemporary subjects given DMD. Our analyses suggested that this effect was not solely driven by the inclusion of benign cases, and it was at least partly due to the long-term immunomodulating therapy given.