Thursday, May 15

FOR HEALTHCARE PROFESSIONALS ONLY: Tysabri/Natalizumab PML Risk Update: February 2014


Natalizumab PML Risk Update: February 2014
February 2014 natalizumab PML update. #MSBlog #MSResearch

"The following are the latest risk figures for PML as a result of being treated with natalizumab. Please note that the embedded slideshow is for health professionals only; I have been told by Biogen-Idec that if you are not a health professional you should not be reading it. if you are a MSer you should be reading my previous post designed for you."

"As of 4th February 2014 there have been 439 cases of natalizumab-associated PML; an increase of 9 cases from last month. The mortality associated with PML in this setting is currently 23%, i.e. 101 MSers have died as result of PML, The majority of the PML survivors have a poor functional outcome. You need to keep these figures in context of over 123,000 MSers have been treated with natalizumab."

"It is becoming increasingly clear that the numbers of MSers developing PML are falling due to the successful risk mitigation strategy that has been implemented Biogen-Idec with JC virus serological testing."

"The following is the most important slide for MSers regarding risks based on the three identified PML risk factors:
JCV serostatus
Duration of treatment
Previous exposure to immunosuppression